November 20, 2007

A Little About Me

Hello, Welcome to Enchanted Voyages!
My name is Murtaza Chang, 26yrs old guy from Hyderabad, Pakistan. I am a web developer and designer. I did my graduation in Software Engineering (B.E.)
I am passionate about computer graphics and software development. Enchanted Voyages is where I share my thoughts and life experiences with people like you, who are my inspirational assets. I am grateful to you.
If you want you can drop me a line I will be glad to respond.

1 comment:

techunar said...

Hey Murtaza! Glad to see your online diary....
Pretty interesting blog... you know its a 'continuous' struggle to run the blog, so do keep it up! Wish you best of luck :)
Use blogs address as your nick, and post good things!