December 1, 2007

How To Properly Hug a Baby

While stumbling I found an interesting web page titled "How to Properly Hug a Baby". It has four images each one with funny instruction on how to hug a baby. This was the last one and it reads

"If a camera is present, you will need to execute the difficult and patented hug, smile, and lean in order to achieve the best photo quality."

Source: How to Properly Hug a Baby


Sobia Aijaz said...

Blog ka itna mushkil naam :P

n haan this post is great, bari mehnat se dhoondni pari hogi yeh photo :D

Murtaza Chang said...

@Sobia Aijaz: "bari mehnat se dhoondni pari hogi yeh photo :D"
Karlien jee karlien tanz :(

techunar said...

Very cute! :)
Beside, I agree... its a pretty big and 'not so common' name, but its 'new' :)
keep it up!